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Mar 7th, 2012. I stumbled upon the Kony 2012 initiative. Not knowing too much about it, I decided to watch the video that is now being seen by the entire world. What Mr. Jason Russell depicted in 30 min of footage, moved me beyond words. Especially Jacob's life story drives home the gravity of the situation in Uganda. Never before have I felt so strongly to support a cause - to the point, that I spent my entire night writing "RISE FOR FREEDOM" to specifically dedicate to the KONY initiative. Lyrics have been written by talented songwriter -Dean Vlaovich.

I would like to congratulate the entire Invisbile Children crew for having the courage to believe in the extraordinary. Life comes down to a few defining moments - KONY 2012 is one of them.

Show your support by downloading the original song for free, sharing it, and spreading the message so we can bring KONY to justice.